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Job Title Facility Maintenance Manager
Location Statesville, NC
Department Operations
FLSA Status Exempt

Job Description:

Responsible for the overall maintenance and repairs of refrigeration, electrical, building, safety systems and material handling equipment in the Lineage Bandini & Sierra Pine Ammonia Refrigerated Warehouses. Must have experience in PSM, Ammonia Refrigeration, Material Handling Equipment maintenance & Building maintenance. R.E.T.A. CIRO Certifications Preferred.

Report directly to the facility General Manager. Meet daily for any outstanding issues towards the day to day operations for the entire facility.

Maintain the utmost integrity of the safe operation and maintenance of the ammonia refrigeration system per IIAR & Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP).

Oversee that the Process Safety Management (PSM) program is maintained and documented per Cal/ARP, EPA and OSHA standards.

Maintain the documented records of the facility Maintenance Software Program, that all facility labor and material costs are captured.

Oversee the facility Work Order System. Issue outstanding Work Orders to the facility engineering/maintenance staff. 

Conduct weekly staff (Tail Gate) meeting. Discuss current and future facility operations, as well as Safety Training.

Conduct weekly Safety Training at (Tail Gate) meetings.  

Supervise both in-house and contractor maintenance employees.

Develop strong communication skills. Maintain communication with facility General   Manager and Engineering/Maintenance staff.

Manage facility energy consumption. Operate facility to utmost energy efficiency.

Assist on the hiring process of any new Engineering/Maintenance employees.

Assist the facility General Manager towards foreseeable Capital Projects.

Oversee Implementation, Tracking & Completion of annual Capital Projects.

Assist facility General Manager and Regional Maintenance Manager in authoring the Capital Expenditure Requests (CER) for annual Capex Projects.

Work with the “Tools of the Trade”.

Must be willing to respond and/or assist to after hour emergencies.

Manage and maintain monthly Engineering/Maintenance budgets (MHE, Refrigeration &   Building).

Oversee Engineering/Maintenance employees time management system (Scheduling Shifts and Attendance)

Conduct annual performance reviews of Engineering/Maintenance employees.

Manage and maintain Tier II/Hazardous Materials Business Plan reporting requirements.

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