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Job Title Assistant Facility Maintenance Manager
Location Sunnyvale, TX - Dallas
Department Maintenance
FLSA Status Exempt
Reports to Maintenance Facility Manager

Position Summary: 

Responsible for providing direction and coordination for maintenance-related activities as assigned by the Facility Maintenance Manager pertaining to the facility (interior and exterior), assigned equipment, and refrigeration system components (as applicable to the facility).  The goal is to assist in management oversight to ensure the building and respective equipment remain in the proper state of operational repair.  As applicable to the facility, the Assistant Facility Maintenance Manager will assist the Facility Maintenance Manager and the Compliance Department on any matters pertaining to the OSHA Process Safety Management and the EPA Risk Management Programs for the ammonia refrigeration system.


The Assistant Facility Maintenance Manager will have the following areas of focus:

  • Safety
    • Always model safe behavior.
    • Communicate the value of safety to all assigned Maintenance team members.
    • Ensure that the areas attributed to Maintenance are safe, clean, orderly, and are operating efficiently.
  • Communication
    • Communicate daily with the Facility Maintenance Manager.
    • Collaborate with the Facility Maintenance Manager and conduct daily meetings with Maintenance personnel to ensure alignment with current priorities.
    • Participate in weekly conference calls as needed with the Facility Maintenance Manager and the Regional Maintenance Manager (Engineering).
  • Personnel
    • Collaborate with the Facility Maintenance Manager to assist the facility General Manager with acquiring and retaining talented personnel.
    • Provide direct guidance and support for the training and development of current team members.
    • Ensure all Maintenance personnel receive proper training prior to being assigned any task.
  • Energy management
    • Review monthly utility reports with the Facility Maintenance Manager and provide creative solutions to achieve excellence in energy management.
    • Champion all projects pertaining to energy efficiency studies conducted by Cascade Energy.
  • Budget and project management
    • Collaborate with Facility Maintenance Manager and the facility General Manager as needed to ensure adherence to established annual budgets for labor and materials.
    • Provide guidance as needed on the design and management of future building additions to the assigned building.
    • As needed assist in overseeing and ensuring timely completion of capital expenditure and/or lender-required projects for the assigned building.
    • Provide recommendations and guidance on future capital expenditure projects for the assigned building.
  • Compliance
    • Ensure facility adheres to PSM/RMP standards as developed by the Lineage Logistics Compliance Department (as applicable to the facility).
    • Verify and ensure ongoing compliance of all fire protection systems associated with the assigned building.
    • Ensure completion of all electrical panel infra-red scans, and Arc Flash studies on a frequency required by Lineage Logistics directives.
    • Ensure maintenance interval activities are conducted to facilities refrigeration and electrical systems, (as applicable to the facility).
    • Ensure all assigned facility Single Line drawings are current.
    • Ensure proper and complete utilization of the computer maintenance management system.



  • 5+ years of experience working on and around the refrigeration system type as applicable to the facility that this position is being posted for (ammonia, freon, etc.).
  • Should be aware of and familiar with PSM/RMP regulations, program implementation, and compliance oversight (as applicable to the facility).
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in an Engineering-related discipline is desired, but not a job requirement.


 The successful candidate is experienced in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, and Outlook
  • AutoCAD or Revit software experience is desired, but not a job requirement
  • Internet search tools and methodologies
  • Refrigeration system type as applicable to the facility that this position is being posted for (ammonia, freon, etc.)
  • Mechanical and electrical fundamentals and applications
  • Resource planning in a manufacturing/warehousing organization
  • Computerized maintenance management systems
  • Work flow processes
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance


Leadership Competencies:

  • Develop people and build teams
  • Strategic planning and continuous improvement
  • Managing vision and purpose
  • Drive for results
  • Focus on the customer
  • Managerial courage and making tough decisions
  • Ensures accountability
  • Collaborates
  • Communicates effectively
  • Resourcefulness
  • Tech savvy
  • Optimizes work processes

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